Biography in English

Using my experience with classical dance and the traditional dance style  of India, I am seeking a unique form of expression not shackled by the  convention of the existing styles. In recent years, I realized many new  pieces. While the focus lies on solo performances I have also developed  new concepts, incorporating visual arts and collaborating with other  artist. My main focus as a performer lies on eastern body concepts. 
1984-1987 Studied traditional Indian dance in New Delhi National dance school  1988 Founded dance studio [Ganesha], began performance activities in Kanazawa
[the works and the activities]
1987 The easthen drum within my body
1988 Blue God & Black God  
     Water as pilgrimage
1989 Dakini laughs loudly  
     Hori (Indian thanks giving) 
1990 Miracle
1991 The ethnography of Rainbow
1992-1994 Small series of dance performance in Kanazawa
1995 Two serious ladies
1996 Swallowing a seed of Saintess
1997 Slight fever (Febricula)
1998 Dance cocktail
     Trucking to the moon in the darkness
2000 Ka-ro-mi
2001 Ku-n-ju
2002 Into the Differentiation
     The voice of honey
2003 The woman does not exist
2004 The gift-in the MUSEUM
2006 The day of FUSO
2007 Bi-no-aida
2008 Gladiolus Burning
2009 The dream of seed
2010 The dream of seed 
     The girl and her object
2012 Transcending Legends
     Echo Nymph
2013 Absence of the tea master
     Transition From Arrival To Departure
2015 Faint light of eleven


18-38 Yokoyama-cho Kanazawa Ishikawa JAPAN 920-0922  
e-mail  chuchuner@gmail.com